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All the plays have been co-written.  It’s an exciting, creative process, writing with someone else.  We write mostly together, in one writer’s home or in a library.  If we’re in too public a place and we get carried away with our characters, we can have an audience. This has happened!

‘Rule 55’ by Diane Gray & Lorna Windham

‘A Fitting End’ by Shirley Dickson & Lorna Windham

‘Sewn Up’ (Work in progress) by Lorna Windham & Yvonne Young

‘To Better Times’ (Begin July) by Lorna Windham & Diane Gray

‘Rule 55’- Lilly Moon & Lorna Windham 2014-15

A community play woven around the facts from the St. Bede’s Junction railway disaster in December 17th, 1915.  The play was first broadcast on Hive Radio a hundred years to the day.  

‘Rule 55’:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rule55Bede/

Website: https://rule55.wordpress.com/

‘To Better Times’ – Lilly Moon & Lorna Windham 2016

We will be working with CAPNE (Community Arts Project North East CIC) creating fictitious characters and using stories from the community as well as factual events in our play.  The play will be set in the late 1930s in the aftermath of the Jarrow Crusade and is being written for the 80th anniversary of the march.

Recording “Rule 55”