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All the plays have been co-written.  It’s an exciting, creative process, writing with someone else.  We write mostly together, in one writer’s home or in a library.  If we’re in too public a place and we get carried away with our characters, we can have an audience. This has happened!

‘Rule 55’ by Diane Gray & Lorna Windham

‘A Fitting End’ by Shirley Dickson & Lorna Windham

‘Sewn Up’ (Work in progress) by Lorna Windham & Yvonne Young

‘Rule 55’- Lilly Moon & Lorna Windham 2014-15

A community play woven around the facts from the St. Bede’s Junction railway disaster in December 17th, 1915.  The play was first broadcast on Hive Radio a hundred years to the day.  

‘Rule 55’:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rule55Bede/

Website: https://rule55.wordpress.com/

Recording “Rule 55”

‘Sewn Up’ – Lorna Windham & Yvonne Young 2016