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Welcome from Lorna Windham

I hope you enjoy reading about my writing.

My romantic historical novel, ‘The Jacobite’s Daughter’, the first of the trilogy ‘Code of Honour’ was published by Tyne Bridge Publishing in May 2016.  I have also had three local history books and poetry published.  In 2015, Hive Radio broadcast a co-written play with Lilly Moon ‘Rule 55’.

I won the North Tyneside short story competition with ‘Spirit of the Age’ and my children’s novel ‘Toby’s Secret’ was longlisted in the Times/Chicken House competition in 2008.

Two of my short stories ‘No Escape’ and ‘Spirit of the Age’ were selected as the first broadcast on hospital radio across the North East region and ‘The Journey’ and a ‘Northern Christmas’ were broadcast on the Talking Newspaper for the Blind.

1745. Highland lass Morag McColl is deeply in love with Euan Stewart, the Laird’s son.  When Euan and his brothers leave to join the Jacobite rising, Morag runs away with the baggage train in order to be near him.  While Euan fights for the Cause on bloody battlefields, Morag is drawn into a world of secrets and spies, intrigue and injustice.

On the run from the brutal redcoats, Morag is also in constant danger from those from both sides of the conflict who want to use her for their own ends.  Will this brave lass ever find happiness with her true love?



Lady Anne Kerr of Kerbilly and Rob Stewart of Braedrumie should have married, after all their fathers arranged it.  Anne and Rob have never met and she is jilted by Rob just before the 1745 rebellion.  She becomes part of a network of Jacobite spies and he, because of unrequited love, leaves his home and family and becomes a lieutenant in the redcoat army.  Can she forget him?  What happens when they meet?  You will have to read it to find out.